Sunday Regatta Service Fowey Parish Church
Sunday PB3 Town Quay
Sunday Champagne Cornwall Town Quay
Sunday Fowey River Singers Fowey Parish Church
Monday Spot the Stranger competition starts Most shop windows
Monday Crab Catching Albert Quay Pontoon
Monday Emazdad Town Quay
Monday Children's Story Time Fowey Hotel
Monday Cardio Wall Challenge Town Quay
Monday Crowning of the Queens Place Grounds
Monday Flora Dance with St Pinnock band Place Road
Monday Josh Curnow Town Quay
Monday Fireworks Display Over Fowey River


Tuesday Children's Story Time Fowey Library
Tuesday Friends of Fowey Estuary Town Quay
Tuesday Bird Lady of Fowey Town Hall
Tuesday Raft Races Fowey River
Tuesday Swimming Races Fowey River
Tuesday Force Five Wind Quintet Fowey Parish Church
Tuesday Shipwrecked with DJ Zorro Town Quay
Wednesday Traders' Carnival – Red Throughout town
Wednesday Lifeboat Open Day Berrill's Yard
Wednesday Dragon Walkabout
Wednesday Circus Skills Workshop Town Quay
Wednesday Carnival entries arrive Squires Field
Wednesday Carnival judging (bands St Dennis & Lostwithiel) Squires Field
Wednesday Carnival sets off Park Road
Wednesday Rudi's Message Town Quay


Thursday Pasty Biscuit Decorating Town Quay
Thursday Pasty Eating Competition Town Quay
Thursday Falmouth Working Boats Fowey River
Thursday Punch and Judy Readymoney Beach
Thursday NoteAbility
Thursday Red Arrows
Thursday Giant Pasty King of Prussia steps
Thursday Hotspace Town Quay stage
Friday Children's Story Time Fowey Library
Friday Sports Day Lankelly Rugby Club
Friday Fun Run Lankelly Rugby Club
Friday Raffle Grand Draw Town Quay
Friday St Dennis Band's Last Night of the Proms Town Quay
Friday Kenny Barnes' Gang Town Quay


Saturday Castle Dore Rowing Club Town Quay
Saturday Gig Racing Fowey River
Saturday Children's Story Time Fowey Hotel
Saturday The Countrymen Town Quay
Saturday Close of Spot the Stranger and Spot the Pasty 4pm Town Hall
Saturday The Shirts Town Quay
Saturday Illuminated Dinghy Procession & Best Decorated Boat Fowey River
Saturday Fireworks Display Fowey River
Saturday The Shirts Town Quay stage